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Three quarters of the streets in N E Lincs are now lit by low energy bulbs

Almost three quarters of the borough’s street lamps have now been upgraded with more cost effective LED lights.

North East Lincolnshire Council and its regeneration services partner Cofely started work in December last year to replace the area’s traditional street lights with new, state of the art LED lights.

So far 12,000 lamps have been replaced during the first 10 months of the £8.2-million project that will see about 16,500 street lights upgraded in total.

Ushering in a new-era of lighting provision and phasing out the orange sodium lamps, the move to white-light LEDs results in a clearer and cleaner light that improves visibility, whilst also making substantial savings in energy and carbon emissions.

The new LED lights also need less energy to run and, once the project is complete, will save about £540,000 per year in energy and maintenance costs as well as reducing carbon emissions by 35 per cent.

Further benefits of LED street lights include:
• Limit the council’s financial exposure to future energy price increases
• Cuts the council’s carbon footprint
• Reduces light pollution
• Better visibility for pedestrians, cyclists and traffic
• Improves the quality of light and the ability to control its direction and intensity
• According to the Home Office, better street lighting also reduces the fear of crime