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Take The Walk

We’re proud to announce a really exciting outcome for our Walk In The Park project… an interactive History Hunt, that will take you (and your smartphone) on a journey through our area.

It’s great exercise, it’s interesting and you may even learn something new!phone

How it works

Along the walk, there are numerous points of interest with fascinating snippets of some of the history we’ve uncovered through the project and through this site.
When taking part, you’ll use your smartphone to guide you from point-to-point and to provide you with information along the way.

Around the route, at each point of interest there is a QR code – a fancy new type of barcode that you can scan with your phone. Each one will take you to a secret part of this website that relates to the point of interest, and provide you with either clues or directions to the next point. You’ll end up taking a wonderful journey of the area, and hopefully have some fun too!

The QR codes look a little like this:
(in fact, this is the first one on the walk too…)

Don’t worry! You can start the walk from any of the points, and if you get tired or you’re in a hurry, you can pick it back up at another time.


What you’ll need

Because of the technology involved, you’ll need a Smartphone that has access to the internet and GPS capability. Most modern phones have this, so you shouldn’t need to worry.

You’ll need a QR reader app, as your phones camera can’t understand these barcodes on its own.  Search your App Store, or try something like THIS for Apple   or   THIS for Android.

Other than that, you’re ready to go!

Don’t worry! The route is easily accessible with good terrain. Wheelchair users shouldn’t have any difficulty.

Earn points by discovering and sharing content on our website and climb up the levels while collecting special badges. Check out the recent activity by fellow players for hints on how to get points and start your journey.


Level Up with Gamification

You can also compete with friends and compare your scores with others. Simply sign in to the ‘Gamification’ game on this website and earn levels or badges at every location of the walk. Be sure to check out recent activity by fellow players for hints on how to get further up the leader board.

How to begin 

pointsLook for a similar icon to this picture, at the right hand side of your screen. Click Start and sign in using your Facebook or Twitter account. Please be assured that nothing will be added to your social media account without asking permission from you first.




How else to earn points

cComment on an article for 60 points

dLike an article for 25 points

eTweet an article for 20 points

aWatch a video for 10 points

bShare an article on google plus for 20 points