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Grimsby and Cleethorpes Lions helping to bridge generations and bring community together

North East Lincolnshire Council

This month the Grimsby and Cleethorpes Lions are launching two community projects which they hope will help to close the generational gap and support elderly and isolated residents in North East Lincolnshire.

Terry Brown, president of Grimsby and Cleethorpes Lions said:

“Our club is dedicated to helping to improve the lives of residents within our local community and has a proud record of achievement in this regard. In these projects we wish to address the issue of loneliness and isolation of some of our more mature population, especially during the long dark winter months.”

Working alongside North East Lincolnshire Council, the first of the latest Lions community projects sees them contacting local secondary academies with a request to “twin” with a local care home or sheltered scheme.

Terry added:

“Many elderly people, some of whom, but not all, live in care homes or sheltered accommodation, have very limited contact with the outside world and in particular with young people. Examples of what could be provided might include regular contact by the school choir or musicians, cooking meals or purely groups of older pupils just chatting to the residents and giving them company. We of course welcome suggestions as to other activities. We really hope that all of our secondary academies agree to take part.”

The Lions will bring schools and the appropriate homes together with the support of the council who are giving the project full support at cabinet level and are assisting with mapping the location of care homes.

The second of the projects, a pensioner’s shindig, will take place in the community room at Freeman Street Market on March 27 at 3pm.

60 local older people will be transported to the event where they will receive a buffet and refreshments, entertainment in the form of the GI girls and a gift of an Easter Egg before their carriages arrive at 6pm.