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Give a little, Gain a lot!

Sidney Park Friends

An exciting new development, right next to the Beaconthorpe Methodist Church on Grimsby Road, is the growing plot for a Community Edible Garden.

However just like garden, the need for volunteers continues to grow.

Created by the Sidney Park Friends community group working alongside members from the Beaconthorpe Methodist Church and the Clee Club, the area has been transformed from derelict, weeded land into a beautiful and functional, community space with benches, planting beds, fencing and storage units.

The aim of the Community Edible Garden is to use food as a platform to help transform the community, while addressing urban environmental, health and social issues. It is hoped that this project will empower citizens of all ages to get their hands into the soil and learn to grow their own fruits and vegetables.

When the food is ready to harvest, it will be free for anyone to pick, take home and eat.

The edible plants are obtained locally from Your Place Oasis Garden in Grimsby, where further community volunteers nurture various kinds of plants and vegetables ready to plant outdoors.

The group’s target is to have continues planting for year-round harvests in the Beaconthorpe Community Edible Garden. This includes lots of lettuce, herbs, edible flowers, broad beans, potatoes, carrots, beetroot and much more.

“Volunteers are the roots of our organisation,” said Nicola Hocknell, Chairperson of the Sidney Park Friends community group. “We have a lovely vibrant community of people involved and we all learn from each other, it’s definitely the people that make the project”

She continues, “No particular skills are required. We welcome everyone from experienced gardeners willing to share their knowledge, to complete beginners who can come and learn with us.

“From drop-in to weekly commitments, the garden is also an opportunity open to families, so it is a great way to get grandparents, parents and children together for the morning while making a difference through volunteering”.

“We provide tools, work gloves and any materials we may be working with on that day. Helpers just need to bring their enthusiasm, weather appropriate clothing and closed toe shoes”.

Volunteer Karen Pridgeon speaks of her experience helping at the garden. She said, “I am a drop in volunteer as I am unable to help every week due to personal commitments, but I enjoy every minute of it. Everyone involved, as well as the plants, seem to be growing and thriving from their experience here”.

11-year-old volunteer Jessica Redgraves said, “I come to help at the garden with my mum and dad now and again. I am really excited to see the seeds that we have planted grow into plants that we can eat”.

If you would like to get involved, come along to one of the group’s regular gardening sessions held every Sunday morning from 10:30pm – 11:30am.

However if your schedule does not allow commitment on a Sunday morning, why not pull out some of those naughty weeds or share your bottle of water with them in the summer when you are passing by. Then you can reward yourself with a deliciously smelling sprig or two on your way home.

To keep up to date with the group and all other volunteer opportunities and events, “like” the ‘Sidney Park Friends’ on Facebook to follow their posts and updates, or visit their website at: where you can join the Sidney Park Friends newsletter list and receive monthly update direct to your email account.