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Elliston Eco School Newspaper

Elliston Secondary Modern School, Cleethorpes, class of 1946-47.

Pictured is the Class of 1946/47 at Elliston Secondary Modern School for boys. Peter Blanchard is on the far left of the front row.

Former pupil Peter Blanchard said: “During our final years at Elliston, we witnessed the end of the Second World War. Several of our teachers returned after serving in the forces. This was the start of a new part of their lives and ours also.

“For the first time we were able to have school trips. Among them was a trip down a coal mine, a day in London and a day at Bell View in Manchester.

“We achieved a lot in those final years. We started the School Parliament, created the Elliston Echo (the school newsletter), we designed a school badge, we created school houses – Newton, Franklin, Tennyson and Langton (all names of famous people born in Lincolnshire.) – and some of us started to learn Esperanto!

“Compared to these days, we were all rather poor, but Elliston was and still is a great school.”

Below are two publications of the Elliston Eco publication:

Elliston Echo, 27th March 1956

Elliston Echo, 20th July 1956