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Whale Bone Arch in Sidney Park

Turning the clocks back over 100 years, a very sad yet historic event took place on our Cleethorpes Beach. A magnificent 76 ton female Rorqual whale was found dying in the Humber at Spurn Point, on Good Friday, the 2nd April 1892. When it died, it was towed to our...

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The Circus visiting Sidney Park in 1948, supplied by Sheila Hotson. The girl sitting on the clowns knee is called Georgina Barrister. Next to her is Sheila Hotson and she is holding onto her little sister in the photograph called Roslyn Hotson, who is eight years younger. The baby in the background is called Jack Barrister who now lives in Devon.

Misadventure with an elephant at Sidney Park is one of many events recorded in a park keeper’s journal recently donated to Sidney Park Friends. As a result of the Cleethorpes People’s (Grimsby Telegraph) article in a bid to search for more information regarding North Cleethorpes, many items have been...

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Photograph of oil on linen painted,  81  x   112 cm, provided by Mr John Walker

We are indebted to Mr John Walker for sending us a copy of a painting he has of Sidney Park pond.  He recalls that in the 1950’s he spent many happy hours sailing a model boat there, sometimes with rather disastrous results resulting in him having to wade in...

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