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4Children welcomes pledge to more than triple investment in Early Years Pupil Premium

In its response to the Department for Education’s consultation on Early Years Pupil Premium and Funding for Two-Year-Olds, 4Children calls for the Early Years Pupil Premium to be increased until it matches the funding per head allocated to primary school children.

4Children’s Head of Public Affairs Helen Berresford said:

Investing in some of the most vulnerable children at a young age is the most effective use of funds because it can transform their life chances.

We would like to see all the main political parties make a commitment to increase the Early Years Pupil Premium during the next Parliament so it at least matches the amount given to primary school-aged children. Early support is the key to narrowing the gap between disadvantaged children and their peers.

The focus of the Early Years Pupil Premium should be to prepare children for school by ensuring their physical development, mental wellbeing and communication skills are equal to their peers. The most vulnerable children are often lagging behind in these areas which can put them at a disadvantage before they have even begun their schooling.”